Civil Litigation

Atlanta Area Business Breach Contract Dispute Attorneys

In today's society, litigation can be a fact of life. At Power ▪ Jaugstetter in McDonough, Georgia, our attorneys represent individual clients, families, businesses, corporations, partnerships, and other business entities involved in civil litigation and business contract disputes.

Our attorneys understand the civil litigation process inside and out. Our lawyers litigate many different types of cases, including eminent domain proceedings, probate administration, and business disputes. These cases require an attorney who is experienced in many areas of law, coupled with skills as an effective and aggressive litigator.

While our attorneys are proficient at both trial and appellate matters, equally important is our experience and commitment to alternative dispute resolution. When possible, our attorneys work closely with you to avoid trial altogether, attempting to resolve disputes prior to or at an earlier stage of litigation. However, not all cases settle and you want an attorney prepared for trial.

If the dispute is determined to be best resolved in litigation, you can count on the experience of the attorneys at Power ▪ Jaugstetter We have resolved these types of legal issues:

On the appellate level, we have argued in the appellate courts throughout the State of Georgia. Our experienced civil litigation and appeals attorneys at Power ▪ Jaugstetter always address questions and concerns of clients throughout the metro Atlanta area in a supportive and sympathetic manner. Although each case is different and we cannot guarantee results, we have won appeals on cases that were lost at the trial level. We are prepared to appeal unsatisfactory decisions all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court. We have done it before and will to do it for you.

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